MERN v2.0

Easily build production ready universal apps

MERN Starter


A powerful boilerplate project that gives you a solid head start on building universal React apps. Beginner friendly, comes with great Developer Experience and is highly flexible.

    git clone
    cd mern-starter
    npm install
    npm start
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MERN cli


A command line utility that enables you to work with your MERN based projects easily by providing powerful code generation and scaffolding abilities.

    npm install -g mern-cli
    mern init myApp
    cd myApp
    npm install
    npm start
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What's new in MERN?

Hot Reloading of React Components

Code Splitting with React Router
( Only loads resources required for a page )

Internationalization support

Code Generation Support
with mern-cli

Modular file structure

Ava Test Runner
( Run tests in parallel )

Docker Support

Make your own MERN
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Make your MERN

In this new version, we enabled the mern-cli to clone not only this project but also the variants of mern-starter. For example, one project with MaterialUI and another with JWT auth. To make your version of MERN, follow these steps.

  1. Clone this project

    git clone
  2. Make your changes. Add a package, add authentication, modify the file structure, replace Redux with MobX or anything else.

  3. In this version, we also added code generators. Blueprints for those generators are located at config/blueprints, and config is located at mern.json. Make sure to edit them if necessary after you have made modifications in the previous step. Take a look at this section in the documentation which explains how to modify generators.

  4. Next clone mern-cli project

    git clone
  5. Add your project details to variants.json in the cloned project and send a pull request.

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